Places of interest nearby

Places of interest nearby

Attractions within walking distance:

  • Jazz Philharmonic Hall (across the street)
  • Bolshoi Drama Theater (BDT) named after Tovstonogova (A. Freundlich and O. Basilashvili) - 5 minutes on foot
  • Maly Drama Theater, Theater of Europe (e. Boyarskaya) - 7 minutes on foot
  • Theater named after. Lensoveta (M. Boyarsky, L. Luppian, A. Kovalchuk) - 8 minutes on foot
  • Theater of the young spectator TYUZ - 6 minutes on foot
  • State Theater Saturday-5 minutes on foot
  • The museum-apartment of F. M. Dostoevsky-10 minutes on foot
  • Aquarium (be sure to go here with children) - 5 minutes on foot
  • New! LEGO Museum-across the street from the hotel, in the Jazz Philharmonic building

Interesting monuments and sculptures nearby:

On Pravda Street and in the courtyards there is a park of modern urban sculpture. Take a walk here and make a wish. The most interesting:

  • Monument to the good dog Gavryusha (Pravdy str., 13) - 5 min. walk
  • The Tin woodman and other residents of the Emerald City (in the courtyards of Pravda Street, houses 2-8) - 5 minutes on foot
  • "Three Angels" (in honor of the three churches located in this area), "Director" (near the University of Film and Television), "Blind" - the corner of Socialist Street and Pravda Street

Educational institutions:

  • University and College of Film and Television - 2 minutes on foot
  • FINEK - 10 minutes on foot
  • ITMO - 8 minutes on foot
  • North-Western Institute of Printing - 2 minutes on foot
  • St. Petersburg Technical School of Railway Transport - 4 minutes on foot

Medical institutions and business centers:

  • The city center of the brush (Pravdy str., 18)
  • Renaissance Plaza Business Center (2 minutes on foot, entrance from Pravdy Street