191119, the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, st. Socialist, 5

Walking distance from metro Zvenigorodskaya only 3 minutes : walk to the intersection with Zagorodny Prospekt, cross the road at a traffic light, then along the even side of Zagorodny Prospekt walk to the Jazz Philharmonic (signboard JAZZ). Enter the square near the ANOR cafe. Then walk 15 meters into the square, past the sculpture "Boys with a Goose". Ahead is the yellow hotel building. Entrance to the glass vestibule.

Arrival by car: enter from Socialist street, building 5, 3rd arch. Salon CRANE will be on the right hand of the gate. Call 8 (981) 73-888-39 . The gate will be opened for you. Pass this information on to your driver.

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